Oliver Kolker, Actor and Tango Dancer, who since the age of three, grew up in Argentina, is actually a native born New Yorker.
As an Actor Oliver started studying Drama in Argentina in 1994, under the instruction of Julio Chavez, Dario Levy, Joy Morris and Luis Indio Romero. acting in several comercials and feature movies. In 2008 Oliver played the main part in his 4th Movie “ Breaking Nikki”, film that was selected to participate at the Phoenix Film Festival 2009.
Oliver began dancing Tango in 1997, when he felt he was growing apart from a former girl friend. Very much inspired by his grandmother Beatriz, an amateur Tango Lover and in house Singer, Oliver filled that the tango embodied romance, contact and dialogue-

The elements of life and relationships.

Like everyone else Oliver became obsessed with the dance. He began spending more and more time at the milongas and practices, dancing, taking lessons, and dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

“With Tango I found my expression, and the way to being able to communicate with other dancer and person in a beautiful dialogue under the music”

Oliver begun his lessons at La Viruta a very famous Tango School and Milonga in Buenos Aires at that moment La Viruta wasn’t what it is now a days, it was a more familiar kind of place. Then he started to go to Sunderland in Villa Urquiza neighborhood were the most elegant Tango Instructors Teach during the week.
Oliver was lucky enough to learn with Horacio Godoy, Luis Solanas, Osvaldo Zotto, Roberto Herrera, Graciela Gonzalez, Carlos Copello and Carlitos Perez.

“Every teacher had something to give to this beautiful dance, Elegance, Rhythm, Musicality, Dirt, Energy, Passion, Tradition…”

In 1999 Oliver begun teaching at La Viruta, also known as La Estrella. His success there paved the way for him to teach and perform in different schools around Buenos Aires.
Graduated in Business Administration at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires and using also his dance and teaching skills, Oliver started producing a new set for that time of Instructional Tango Videos of Mora Godoy who later hire him as the Excecutive Director of her School.
Together with Mora, Oliver started “TANGO EMOCION”, a great Tango Company. The ensemble Company had six Tango Couples, plus the Lisandro Adrover Quintet (Forever Tango’s Musical Director, Arranger, Composer and 1 st Bandoneon fro 12 years in Broadway) Together they Toured all over Europe performing in The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
Before the Big Tango Boom started in Argentina, Oliver as the executive producer together with Mora Godoy produced Recoleta Tango, a very elegant Tango House located in Recoleta in the Prestigeous ” Alvear Plalace Hotel” one of the top 20 Hotels in the World
In 2002, Oliver entered the World Tango Championship Salon Category with his partner at that moment Andrea Gomez Corbalan (who now dances at Guillermina Quirogas Company) wining sixth place out of 250 couples.
Oliver entered the World Tango Championship Stage Category in 2004, with his then Dance partner, Veronica Plalacios wining a spot in the finals.
Tipica Films, who produced a famous Tango Film ” ABRAZOS ” hired Oliver to Write and Co-Direct another Instructional Tango Video this Time with the World Tango Champions in 2003, this video is sold actually worldwide in 5 languages.
In 2004 Oliver started to Teach at the New Tango Escuela Carlos Copello, teaching Tango and Milonga to Intermediate and Advance dancers.
Lisandro Adrover, the famous bandoneon player and composer, hired Oliver and Veronica to dance, as the sole couple, in several events that took place at the Prestigious Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires.
By the end of 2004, Oliver and Veronica co-founded the Tango school in Mendoza at “Aguirre”. Growing the School from scratch, they also became the well known masters, starting couple and directors of the Show at the Tango House.
In 2005 Oliver arrived to New York to start working in the tango Field. His partner was Luna Palacios, Veronica’s sister. Together they took the country by storm. Their success was huge, were they were able to teach and perform all over the City and the rest of the country.
Oliver has taught in Israel, were he was invited as a guest of Honor at the most prominent Tango School in Tel Aviv – Lidor Dance Studio.
Luna and Oliver went to the Famous Tango Festival, Valentango, in Portland Oregon and they were very very successful with their teaching and performances. They toured together with Master and Friend Carlos Copello.
” Tango Experience “, the Tango trip to Buenos Aires, is Oliver’s new pet project that he has created and promoted all over NY with great success. He created a successful Tango/Clinic/Tour, to Buenos Aires the Tango Capital of the World, he accompanied 15 people to dance and learn Tango and Milonga for 10 days. Nowadays in 2009, TangoExperience is doing its 6th Tour to Argentina.
In 2007 Oliver started performing and teaching with his new partner also in Life, Silvina Valz. They have been touring all over the world, performing in different Festivals such as: Portland, Tango Festival, Tango Fantasy Miami, Chicago Tango Week, Chicago Mini Tango Festival, Tango Magic Seattle WA, Vancouver Tango Festival, Toronto Tango Festival,  Planetango Moscow Russia, Ann Arbor Tango Festival, Kiev Tango Festival, TangoCamp in Sudak Ukraine, St. Louis Tango Festival just to name a few. Also together they’ve been teaching workshops all over the US and Europe.

Oliver has Danced Taught at Stteping Out Studios in Manhattan. His primary goal is to teach people how to dance tango in the same way that he was taught, with Passion, knowledge, care and more than anything with TRUTH.